October 29, 2007

Wood Stove

The ground floors came out pretty well. The 3M safest stripper worked
wonders… the trick being to tarp it overnight (with a tarp, not
cardboard – which was handy after we ran out of tarps, but very
ineffective). The floor has a quite a few discolorations that I may
have been able to sand out, but the time/ effort/ cost/ what can I
accept/ equation lead me to the judgment of ‘good enough’ and I
moved on. The finishing touch was to paint the wall in the dining room red.
This may seem unrelated to the floor issue, but when you enter the room
you immediately notice the red wall and don’t look at the floor one

I have begun work on the kitchen construction, Ilana is looking for
appliances and wood stoves and other fixtures. Burris and I decided to
start by putting some lights in the kitchen ceiling and running the
kitchen electric. After a long discussion at the building supply place
we discovered they had only one model of light that would work as a
can-light, but it was ½ too tall to fit between the ceiling joist.
Since most of the joist boards were not nailed down we pulled them up,
ripped some ¾ material and tacked it on top of the joists… no big
deal, just half a day of work.

We ended up being two lights short so I went back to the building
supply place and to my amazement they had a whole new shipment of
different lights that were slightly smaller and would have fit in the
space without needing the ¾ padding had arrived. The existence of
these lights was not mentioned two days previously. Grrrrr.

Like most of the projects in this house, the kitchen lights are taking
more work because we are implementing long-term improvements. With the
floor boards out above the kitchen we added more insulation, and

The hearthpad for the woodstove is done! Burris and I banged it out
in 3 hours on Sunday. The stove will be delivered on Wednesday,

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