February 26, 2017

Halifax Work-cation

This week is winter vacation for the kids, and with Ilana between jobs, we figured that the family could all go to Halifax Nova Scotia while I attend a conference on festival best-methods.
Halifax from the conference room window
The conference was a terrific event, but the downside (basic reality) was that I could only hang out with the family in the morning and maaaaybe during meals.  I was especially bummed that I couldn't go to the the amazing (only one week old) Discovery Center with Ilana the kids. I was able to walk with them to the building, but then get back to my professional commitments.  The report back was that it was freaking amazing and they only left due to hunger.

Outside the Halifax Discovery Center... or was it disc golf... or a disco.  

Pictures from me are mostly from restaurant booths, since I was either driving the car or attending meetings. But all in all folks had a very good time and we felt rested upon our return. 

Calis Maine Mexican restaurant with lovely service and very New England style Mexican food 

Vietnamese restaurant in Halifax. Very good and Alden had his first Pho 

Vegetarian restaurant in Moncton 

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