November 4, 2013

Steve's Wedding

My friend Steve got married yesterday in Houlton Maine to his special lady friend Jess. Alden and I made the trip and Ilana stayed home with Elliott. My work friends Chris and Priscilla and their sweeties also attended, which was great. 

It was a three hour drive, but it was worth it. Steve is a great guy and Alden has been asking about marriage lately. How do you get married? when can I get married? When do you know you are married? and so on. 
Alden had a nap on the way up. He ran round the ceremony-seating like a rat stuck in a maze before the opening. He was very well behaved during the ceremony, bet was very anxious to see Jess and asked 'is that Jess?' when each bridesmaid entered. 
The ceremony was short and sweet and then we went to the reception. Alden ran around the tables like crazy, was well behaved at the meal and we left at 8pm to drive home. Alden slept in car so he was ready to go the next day. I was a little beat, but enjoyed myself a lot and it was worth it.

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