September 24, 2013

Honey Harvest 2013

We went to Scott's house to harvest our honey this year. Alden was more interested in the lake than the extraction process, but the water was too cold to swim in, so he spent his time taking off his clothes, looking longingly at the water, getting cold, and then putting his clothes back on. He repeated this cycle a few times.
The extractor broke after the first 10 frames so Scott's handy friend Dana spent several hours MacGuyvering a fix. He did it, the extraction proceeded and we ended up with 133 lbs all together split across 3 five-gallon pails.
It wasn't a great year in terms of quantity (only 4.75 boxes from 4 hives and 3 of those boxes came from Ponyo), but the quality of the honey is superb. It's rich and floral and fruity and even better than last year, in my humble opinion. We promptly sold it all in the coming weeks to family, friends and colleagues, who clamored for more long after the last bottle was spoken for. We need to find a way to keep the bees from swarming so we can increase our production. Everyone seemed to want more than we had to offer!

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