April 29, 2013

Bee Check 2

So the start of spring hive check happened over the weekend. I opened the hives and checked the frames and got to see how many bees survived the winter. Part of the inspection is also to flip the hive boxes, and put the top on the bottom and bottom on the top.
Of the three colonies that survived, two looked in good shape, but one (the green hive) looked a little sketchy. Not very many bees.
There were a bunch of bees on the floor of the green hive, which does not bode well. There were also a bunch of dead bees on the beige hive too, but that hive is really active, so I'm not sure what to think.
There were also some beetles on the bottom, we looked them up and it turned out to be not an issue.
So it looks like we will do at least one hive split in the next month... maybe two depending on how the green hive does. 

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