March 2, 2013

Community Meetings with Alden

I have been going to more community meetings with Alden lately. 

I think he might still be a little young, but we've been to three in the past two weeks and he keeps volunteering for more and he seems to dig them. He has been good at them, despite getting board sometimes and running off. That is one great thing about small towns, things are safe and everyone knows everyone else.

Anyway, I'm tickled by his civic involvement at such an early age. He even won a 1 troy oz silver dollar at a raffle. I think I was more excited than he was. Although when I told him it was treasure he got more interested. Unfortunately Alden's idea of 'treasure' is the shiny marbles at the bottom of the fish tank. It took some wrangling to convince him not to throw the coin in with the fish.  

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