January 19, 2013

Alden Birthday 5

Alden had the first part of his fifth birthday today! There will be another party a week from now at the Discovery Museum in Augusta. For today we hung around the house and people came by to wish us well and eat home-made pizza and cake. Alden picked a strawberry shortcake this year.
Sophia a and her parents were the first guests. After they left Evelyn and her family came over to play. It was great to host and Alden played really well with his friends. His favorite game is still going into the guest room and acting crazy. His friends seem to like that activity too and it gives the grown-ups a chance to socialize.
 I finally pulled my 20 gallon aquarium out of Karen's basement and set it up for Alden to discover in the morning.  I did not have time to put fish in it, just everything else. Alden was very excited, despite the lack of sea creatures. We went out later that day and got a couple of Bleeding Heart Tetras.
All in all a very successful birthday.

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