December 17, 2012


 Our holidays are started around December 16 this year.  We did not plan it that way, but we had guests visiting early for the holidays and one thing lead to another...
Hanukkah started December 8but celebrating was hit-or-miss for the first 3/4. By the end our guests were here and we were celebrating about every evening for something or another.
Joseph and Sandy visited, and Scott made an appearance for a couple days. They all were able to attend the school holiday recital. The program this year was much shorter and having a year under his belt Alden did quite well.
He and his buddy Evelyn supported each other for the event.
Alden also got to meet Santa (and the missus) and get a stocking full of goodies. This was a bit awkward since Ilana told Alden that Santa does not come to our house and we celebrate Hanukkah. There is a bit of a story behind this, but the short of it is that we celebrate Christmas at Karen's house and whether or not Santa shows up there is still being debated. Anyway seeing Mr. Claus in person seems to have made for some interesting internal processing.

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Elizabeth Hobson said...

"interesting internal processing" -- hilarious!