November 29, 2012

San Francisco Trip 1

Arriving on Thanksgiving, we were able to join the rest of the Hobson family for the feast. 
We flew all day and the flight was surprisingly okay. No delays, lost bags, bad attitudes or other nonsense that frequently comes with modern air travel. The one problem was the discovery that Alden will throw-up every time the airplane descends. Not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN. However, knowing this allows us to be ready with a sick bag (or at least it did on the flight back... learning curve) 
It was great to be with the family all in one place and we were also able to celebrate Ben's birthday. We were able to meet baby Ada, and it was also a chance for many folks to meet Elliott for the first time. Alden and Levin got along famously and played well together.
Ben's birthday night bowling was a hit, although Liz and I stayed home with the babies.The group went to the Academy of Science, which had a rain forest exhibit with frogs, fish and butterflies as well as baby ostriches outside in the yard!

Baby ostrich!

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