July 2, 2012

Bee Check

We checked out our bees today. We have been much less vigilant than last year and I think the bees are happier for that. The less we poke around the more work they can get done.
We have four hives now and each colony has its own personality, it is quite fascinating.
Beige hive = extremely hard working but a little cranky
Grey hive = medium hard working and very mellow
Green hive = medium hard working medium mellow
Purple hive = hard working and medium mellow

We were mostly looking for how much honey might be coming our way this year... maybe 40lbs so far. we plan to harvest sometime soon and then do a pest treatment. Mites are supposed to be really bad this year, and even though we have not been keeping track of pest we want to be on the safe side.

So the plan is to harvest what we have in the next week or two, treat for pests, and then put the honey supers back on for a possible second harvest in the fall.

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