July 17, 2011


I do not think we had mentioned that since June we are growing food for others in our garden. We have two people who have 'shares' in our produce. Usually Ilana deals with this, but since she is away in Santa Fe, I harvested the edibles.
This week Raspberries came on-line as did blueberries and round zucchini. We still have a lot of lettuce, spinach and kale growing. Peas are producing well and fava beans are at their peak. So this is what the bounty was.
I had some great help. Joseph and Sandy are visiting and Karen was able to watch Alden while we picked, cleaned, and packaged.
The day was hot (90d) so we filled Alden's pool and played with him in the afternoon. The bottom was very slippery so he preferred to be dragged along, back and forth, as opposed to sitting. Karen and Sandy helped him with this, as did I later on.

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