July 30, 2009


Ilana, Alden and I took a trip to Nebraska for a Gilg family reunion. We were gone from July 23 to the 29, which is the longest Alden has ever been away from home. It was also Alden's first airline travel, which did not go very well. We got stuck in Newark for 11 (eleven!) hours. We should have gotten into Omaha at 3pm, instead we arrived at 2am. The entire travel experience was trying for everyone. Below is a picture of Alden whacking Ilana as we try to get him to go to sleep at the airport.

We spent the night at a hotel near the airport and drove to Atkinson the next day with Joseph, Sandy and Geoff. On the way, we stopped for groceries. Alden really enjoyed the cart-car experience (despite being very tired) .
We arrived in Atkinson in mid afternoon and stopped off at the recreation center where the reunion would be held. Part of the fund raising for the reunion involved a silent auction. Alden and Ilana really liked the auction item below, similar to the marble game I made for Alden a while back, but more colorful and with cars instead of balls.
After we checked-in for the reunion we went to Mary Ellen's for the evening party. It was a grand shin-dig. During the party the outlaws (those married to Gilgs) sang a song. I took a snap-shot but was judging the salsa contest at the time so I can't say too much about it. Salsa for the contest was broken into four categories mild-medium-hot and nontraditional. Ilana's entry came in second in the medium category. Joseph took first in the hot category.After the party we went up to Stewart (about 10 miles away) to a B&B called the Sisters House. We were the only folks staying there and had the run of the place. Alden was very happy to have a place to relax.

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joshua said...

I forgot to tell you that I finally repaired Ronin's marble game after it's brutal treatment by our finest public servants at the USPS. Since I don't have the tools you do, I was forced to make a few minor design modifications. I works well though and Ronin has fun with it.

One question: what was with all the little twists of twine? Many of these were lost in the disassembly process but I don't think it's effected the performance.