April 10, 2009

Washington Zoo

Alden went to the zoo for the first time the other day. The weather was colder than usual for Washington this time of year so we had to bundle up. I suspect zoos have a Memorial Day to Labor Day focus to their schedule, so several exhibits were closed and most of the animals were still indoors.

Ilana, Alden, Kay and Sarah at the lion cage

We started with the great cats (lions and tigers) which were prowling around outside. Alden did not seem to be impressed. We went into the reptile house to get warm and Alden perked up a bit. He seemed to really like the turtles and tortoises; there were also some fun frogs and lizards, but the snakes were duds (not moving).
Alden eating bread and looking at turtles

After the reptiles we went to the Ape House and Alden got super excited. He giggled and pointed at the great apes who were frolicking, and stared for a long time at an orangutan in a tree. After the apes Alden took a nap and missed the giant pandas and birds. He woke up halfway through the small mammal house and was delighted by the Tamarins and the long nosed shrew. I really liked the prehensile tailed porcupines.

Alden ponders the orangutan

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