September 30, 2008


I knew when I wrote about Alden as an extremely manageable wonder-child I was setting myself up for some hubris... and it has arrived. I think Alden is getting another tooth or two, this time on the top. He's licking his upper gum, pulling at his ears, and has been very tender for the past two days. His sleep at night has been spotty and and he seems to get upset for no reason. This is not to say he isn't charming when he has to be, but it's a mixed bag.

On a more lively note, Alden has taken to his Johnny Jumpup, and with the added goodness of drumsticks, has a smashingly fun time.

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Karen said...

The drumming and jumping and drumming videos are so terrific... I am sure Ginger Baker would be green with envy if he saw these....Wow some sticks Alden!