August 29, 2008

First Tooth

I cleaned out the garage today. Now we can park a car in the left bay.

I have not posted lately but have a bit of time now to catch everyone up on things... I don't like writing about work in this blog, I reckon I have some kind of psychological disassociation between work and my own identity. Although I get many laughs when I tell people the ins and outs of my days at the State Arts Agency I don't feel right putting it in writing... The short of it is I've been really busy writing a grant to the NEA, constructing an internship resource for art students in the state, and dealing with troublesome co-workers undermining my ability to do my job. Every day at work has new issues that are really quite hilarious in a dark-comedy sort of context... perhaps a different blog about it will be created. In any case there is also much news on the home front to report so lets get to it.
As of last week, the leaves were starting to turn their fall colors, making us realize how little we got done on the house over spring and summer. Our neglected garden produced quite a bit despite an early heat wave, mid-summer heavy rains and a malicious ground-hog. Not enough produce for canning, but ample veggies for salads and cooking. All the fruit trees are still alive despite some deer damage. We may even get a few (six) peaches this year if they ripen.

A new neighbor moved in on the east side. A very nice woman and her enthusiastic dog Comet, who occasionally craps on our yard. We've been researching solar assist hot water on demand systems but will likely put off buying until next spring due to finances. I almost have the basement clean and ready for additional insulating, as well as the attic.

The big news as of late is that Alden has his FIRST TOOTH. He has been a little out of sorts for about two weeks and the day before the tooth came through he had a major melt down. The tooth is lower incisor and feels like a tiny serrated edge.

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