December 5, 2007

First snow

We had our first snow fall December 3rd. About a foot accumulated. We were all toasty-warm in our house, doing chores and installing door-casing and kick-molding. The trim in the kitchen coming together, but it’s psychologically challenging. The trouble is that I have to mill every piece of lumber to form. All the wood I’m using is left over from the demolition. Its nice old pine, but it only has one finished surface and is 7/8 thick. Instead of grabbing a board – cutting length to size - nailing it to the wall – and painting it . I grab a board, check for nails, cut length to size, cut width to size, plane it to proper depth (3/4), do a quick sanding, nail it to wall, patch flaws, paint it. It takes more time and the garage is really cold these days.

We are sleeping in the house and slowly getting our things out of boxes. We don’t have much furniture or shelving yet, but the house feels good and we are making due. The living room, kitchen, and master bedroom are pretty much habitable. Other rooms will be habitable once we unpack the boxes. We are still waiting on part for our new stove too, so we can't use the cook-top. It's good to be in the house though, two thumbs up.

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