November 6, 2007

Kitchen Renovation Continues

We had our stove installed last week and it works great. We're really happy with the way it fits into the space. There's nothing like a roaring fire on a cold November day.

Now Kerstin and Burris have moved on to the kitchen in earnest. They've put sheetrock over almost all the walls and plastered over another wall (with the baseboard heating). The doors have been hung and the new wiring and can lights are in. We even got a second-hand fridge that's living in the dining room at the moment. Now we're on the prowl for a stove and dishwasher. Kerstin is hoping to finish the walls within the next few days and put the floor in by this weekend. If all goes well, we'll move in this coming Monday!


Unknown said...

you guys are amazing, looks like it's really coming together. Pace yourselves...the last ski run of the day is the riskiest one. With love, James

Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm Nell, Burris' friend. Looks like you have been doing great work. Burris lived with us for a couple of weeks when he helped us build bookshelves and cabinets in our living room.

You should have sent him down to NYC after he was done!